Monday, October 15, 2007

The Second Episode

Hello, everyone. It's me, Rachel E!

So I decided to do my part of this show while driving and generally being weird. Please, children, don't try this at home. It's dangerous and stupid, like Justin Timberlake.


(P.S. Sorry Arab and Allie's butt, both of which I taped. Haha, woops.)

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The first video of greatness!

Once upon a time, the Trinity of Awesome decided that they should videotape themselves to make something like a TV Channel where you could tune in to the random crap in our lives at any time. So we whipped out our crappy cameras and started filming! Here is Act I: Ten Minutes In The Life of Rachel D.

Welcome, all you marvelous readers!

Welcome, one and all, to the incredible blog of the Trinity of Awesome!! Here's a wonderful introduction of our three members!

Rachel D: aka Me, the youngest, shortest, most paranoid and technically savvy of the group.
Rachel E: The oldest, hottest, most artistic and the only member with a High School Diploma.
Seth: The only member not named Rachel. Also the most curly-haired, musically inclined and the only dude. Also the self-proclaimed sexiest.

This is a blog on which we can post our crap. Whether crap is us randomly typing or videotaping ourselves lip-syncing to obnoxious songs, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you'll see it here.

So leave us comments, throw us candy, whatever. It's not like we're just making this blog so we can procrastinate doing more important things. Like school. Nope.